Monday, August 1, 2011

July Summary

This month was a little faster than June, as far as the amount of reading I got in.  It might slow down again soon because...WE ARE MOVING! :D  Working on the house/carrying boxes will fill the next three weeks, and I cannot wait to get into the house! :D for reading...
I had a REALLY great month.  Most of the books I read were phenomenal.  Like, seriously great.  It started slow, but then quickly picked up with more reading time and WAY awesome books.

Here are my reviews for July:

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Prepare for my inner fangirl to come out:

There are an infinite number of reasons why I freaking LOVE this book.
Dustfinger.  The writing. Dustfinger.  The story.  The action.  The robbers. Dustfinger.  The writers inside the story.  Dustfinger.  All the characters.  The passion.  Dustfinger.  The love.  The danger.  The incredible amazingness.  Dustfinger.  (Plus about a few hundred more Dustfingers.)...

While this book didn't quite make it as awesome as book #1, The Angel Experiment, it was still extremely gripping, full of great characters, and easy to read due to a TON of action.  What did I not like?  Ari.  And...ahem...the entrance of a double of one of the Flock.  But more on that....

YES!  What an incredible book!  Number 4, by far the best book yet.  I was thoroughly impressed with every word.  I was surprised, excited, saddened, shocked, freaked out, and totally happy.  Seriously, I am one happy reader having finished this book.  Not only was I even more in love with the characters and story, but also with the writing.  Golly goodness I loved the writing so much more this time.  I've always liked it, but it never seemed a strong point in the books for me.  But this time, wow.  Just, wow....

Magical books, a wicked Countess, three lonely orphans, funny characters, a strange wizard, and a hidden land.
What's not to like?Well, those things can be wonderful.  But whether or not they're that depends on how the story is put together.
For me, this one didn't quite cut it.  It was fascinating for a good 100 pages, funny and intense and sweet.  Then it started fluctuating between interesting and boring, until around 220 pages I had had enough.  I didn't care enough about the characters; one had just been seriously injured and I didn't even really care very much. The Countess turned out to be very different from her original creepiness, which actually took away the creepy in her character and, to me, made her like every other evil witch in stories....

My friend Mira wrote an AWESOME guest post For the Classics.  Check it out below!

In most of my readings, it’s generally the end of the book which makes the greatest impression on me and frames my complete opinion of it. Great Expectations proved itself to be an exception. Reading this wonderful novel seemed more like an infinite journey through which one meets hope besides disappointment, love united with hatred, and above all an endeavour to find one’s self and road to the ever-dreamt-of future. It’s the beautiful language of Dickens, the powerful emotions he pours into the heart of this eventful novel, and the sarcasm he presents many of the characters and their attitudes with, which makes Great Expectations a novel I love for its very essence. 

I shared a quote:

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I look forward to August!!  I don't know how much reading I can get in because of the whole moving situation, but I promise - I have some fun reviews scheduled for August!! :D  Be sure to check back, but for now...HAPPY READING!

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  1. It's been a while since I read Inkdeath. I thought it was pretty good, but it took me so long to finish it. It seemed a lot slower than the other books.