Monday, July 11, 2011

Maximum Ride: School's Out - Forever (book 2) by James Patterson

Read my review for book #1 - The Angel Experiment

Max and the gang are on the run.  Again.  They always are.  They run from Jeb, the Erasers, and the School - plus anyone who might want to make them into some freak show exhibit.  But now there are flying Erasers - yup, you heard right - and Max's mission to save the world is becoming clearer as they figure out who they need to save the world from.  They also have to deal with a mommy-ing FBI agent, Anne, who puts them into school and slowly becomes attached to them.  How much more could go wrong for this winged family?  Well...lots.

My thoughts -
While this book didn't quite make it as awesome as book #1, The Angel Experiment, it was still extremely gripping, full of great characters, and easy to read due to a TON of action.  What did I not like?  Ari.  And...ahem...the entrance of a double of one of the Flock.  But more on that...

Character notes -
I love the Flock. LOVE them.  They are so realistic, each one sporting his/her own personality.  Each one is consistent.  Perfect for the story.  Spot on.  I love it.  I never realized how consistent they are until the double entered.  She acted so unlike the real deal, and the Flock immediately realized it's not her because everything was all wrong.  I was so grateful to the author for this when I recognized it.

The Flock interacts so well together...I just love them and their adventures.  (Have I said it enough yet?  Ha!) And Fang.  Fang gets double love.  Iggy shot up on my favorites list because he was just so sweet and sad the whole time.  And Angel...she just cracks me up!  (There's laugh out loud humor through this book, by the way.  Be up for funny stuff the whole book - it really set me in a good mood!)

So.  The double.  Now that I look back on those scenes with her, I realize that they were needed, but when I was actually reading the scenes, they felt a bit rushed.  Maybe that's just a personal opinion?  I felt like since she was introduced at the beginning she should have taken the place of the real character earlier in the book; instead, they "switch" when the book's almost over.

And Ari.  Just weird.  I'm all for creepy weird mutant villain who can fly and looks like Wolverine...  but when it's an 8-year-old boy stuck in such a body...I dunno - it felt weird and slightly stupid.  The scene where he steals the gameboy actually make me laugh.  Not, "Haha this is so funny!"  But, "Seriously?  This is soooo ridiculous."  Plus, what's all this coming back from the dead crap?  Bring on the new villains!

Story notes -
Woah!  Seriously - I love how non-stop these books are!  Even in the scenes where the Flock aren't being chased by Erasers, there's an unbearable tension and you just have to keep reading!

I felt like there were less twists in the story line this time, but that didn't make the book any less exciting.  The twists that were there were great!

One word/phrase to sum it up (final thoughts) -
Undeniably exciting!  I get one serious kick out of this series (so far) and I'm looking forward to book #3, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.

For the parents -  A few minor cuss words and some short references to cuss words.  (Max jokes, "Let's get the Flock outta here!" and then later throws Fang "the bird" as another joke.)  Two kisses - Max to a boy she gets to know at school and goes on a date with;  Fang to a girl who's totally in love with him.  Good for ages 12 and up.


  1. Thanks for a great review! I read book 1, but I haven't read book 2 yet, and now I know that I definitely want to. I agree with you about how the action never stops, but then again, it's James Patterson, so I wouldn't expect anything less!

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  2. I've heard a lot about this series but haven't picked it up yet. The nonstop action sounds exciting. I love action books!! Thanks for the great review. I'll definitely be checking this series out!! :)