Thursday, July 7, 2011

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke (Inkheart #3)

This is the review for the third book in the Inktrilogy.  It will contain spoilers for the 2nd book.  Here are my reviews on the other two books.

Mo was never a killer - until Fenoglio fashioned a robber after him.  Now everyone thinks Mo is the Bluejay.  This world need a hero, so why shouldn't he be that for it?  Dustfinger, the fire-eater, is dead, and Farid is working tirelessly for the newly-arrived Orpheus, hoping that the moon-faced man will bring Dustfinger back from the dead using his voice.  Meggie misses Farid terribly - he won't just come visit her!), and she's worried about her father.  And her mother, for that matter, who is now expecting a child.  The Adderhead is rotting away in his castle, due to the faulty book Mo bound.  If only Mo could write those three words in the book and be over with the Adderhead...
When Orpheus writes words to bring back the man they all miss most, and the Piper becomes more and more treacherous in the name of The Silver Prince, Mo might just have his chance.  He'll need help, of course, and the right words.  Or else all will fail and both he and Meggie - and many, many others - will lose their lives to Death.


My thoughts -
Prepare for my inner fangirl to come out:

There are an infinite number of reasons why I freaking LOVE this book.
Dustfinger.  The writing. Dustfinger.  The story.  The action.  The robbers. Dustfinger.  The writers inside the story.  Dustfinger.  All the characters.  The passion.  Dustfinger.  The love.  The danger.  The incredible amazingness.  Dustfinger.  (Plus about a few hundred more Dustfingers.)

Catch my drift?  Haha!  I'm pretty sure this looks mighty similar to my review of Inkspell.  Notice any similarities?  I'll get to him in a minute...

For now let me just say, This book reminded me with every page WHY I LOVE this series SO much.  Why I will ALWAYS love this series.  I've read it 3 times - and each time it gets better.

Character notes -
I love all the characters in this story, even if I have an intense loathing for them.  Funke's villains (Adderhead, Piper, Milksop, Sootbird, Orpheus) are REALLY BAD.  Her heroes and heriones, likewise, are REALLY GOOD.  And all her supporting characters added to the story exactly how they should, so even if I don't like them, I respect their roles in the story and can't see the story without them.  One such case is Farid.  GOSH that kid irritates me in Inkdeath.  But he belongs in it.  He's a part of it and adds ot it perfectly, good or bad.

I love robbers.  Heroic robbers.  And when you make that into "unlikeliest of heroic robbers", I love them even more.  Well, the Bluejay, Mo, Silvertongue...he is the unlikeliest - and he's so perfect!  I loved his role even more this time around...  His change in character, but still being Mo from Inkheart, gave me butterflies.  I loved how his fears, worries, and loves played into the story; how it was so unexpected.  His character is real and beautiful and I loved his so much more this time around.  He was so sacrificial.  Again, butterflies. ;)

Meggie becomes quite the young lady in Inkdeath.  Her bravery and love for others is evident.  She grows into a lovely young lady who may more may not have more than one suitor.  She inspired me.

And Dustfinger.  Does it get any better than HIM?!  He's so incredibly wonderful.  I won't say much about him because of certain spoilers that I don't want to, well..spoil.  However, I can say that if I were to ever exchange places with a fictional character, it would be with his wife Roxanne.  (Grins sheepishly.)  His promises are always the best - especially those he makes to his wife.  Promises can be so romatic - and his are the epitome of romantic promises!

Story notes -
Cornelia Funke was born and raised in Germany, where fairy tales are developed in the most incredible manner.  She obviously has influenced from them - her books are all written in fashion after the Grimm brothers, or maybe the Danish author, Hans Christian Anderson.  She often alludes to German/European works, and includes qotes at the beginning of each chapter, most of which are from foreign literature.  This influence helps create the perfect fairy tale atmosphere for the book.  It is dark, cruel, beautiful, strong, outlandish, and tragic.  It helps pull the story along because it resembles the fairytales of old that everyone loves.  THe story itself is full of sword fights, castles, fairies, and other, stranger creatures, scenes of sadness and desperation, scenes of joy and love, scenes of theivery, manipulation, and deceitfulness.  It is rich, full, and lovely.  It holds deep secrets and intense terrors.  And, in the end, the love, passion, and sacrifice of the heroes in this story triumph over evil.

One word/phrase to sum it up (final thoughts) -
There are WAY to many single words/phrases I could use to describe this beautiful story.  I'm not going to try - just go read it.  Really.  And if you haven't read the others, start with Inkheart and work your way up!  You won't be sorry!!!

For the parents -
This is definitely for older teens, no matter what the bookstores and stupid age banding say.  The subject matter and intensity level are for teens, 15 and up.  Some scenes involve mild cases of torture.  Cuss words sprinkled throughout.  A gross character fondles this maids and it could be implied that he's sleeping with them.  References to a young girl who was sleeping with her lover; he has died and she is now heart broken.  Farid kisses multiple girls when they do him favors...

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  1. I had read Inkheart when I was a kid so I am a little surprised that Inkdeath is for matured readers.

    I haven't gotten around to reading inkspell yet. I really assumed that since it's been years now that I would find the story kiddish but reading your review I guess I shall read it!


  2. I think maybe I should meet Dustfinger - whatcha think? Thank you for sharing the fun review.

  3. I was 13 when I read these books, and I didn't find them horribly inappropriate, though I completely understand what you're saying.
    I think Inkdeath is my favorite, because for once, the last book didn't feel horribly rushed, (like Inheritance and Mocking Jay) and I really loved all the characters! Thanks for the review!!! (though if my mom had read this first, I wouldn't be commenting, because I wouldn't have read them! ;-) )