Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Emerald Atlas (Quotes)

The tall man had moved into the glow of a streetlamp and was clearly visible for the first time.  To a casual passerby, his appearance would not have inspired much confidence.  His overcoat was patched in spots and frayed at the cuffs, he wore an old tweed suit that was missing a button, his white shirt was stained with ink and tobacco, and his tie - this was perhaps the strangest of all - was knotted not once but twice, as if he'd forgotten whether he's tied it and, rather than glancing down to check, had simply tied it again for good measure.  His white hair poked out from beneath his hat, and his eyebrows rose from his forehead like great snowy horns, curling over a pair of bent and patched tortoiseshell glasses.  All in all, he looked like someone who had gotten dressed int he midst of a whirlwind and, thinking he still looked too presentable, had thrown himself down a flight of stairs.
-  Prologue, pages 3-4

Loved this description so so so much! :D  Unfortunately, I put the book down because it became tedious to read.  How sad! :(

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