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May Summary

Sorry this is late...  I've been crazy busy with graduation/end of year stuff!  This will have to be short...

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I liked this book from the start, but it took me a while to love it like I was hoping to (about 150 pages). But after those 150 pages, I was flying through, totally sucked into the story and loving the characters. This really is a great time travel story. I loved how it was all planned out, each aspect of the story so closely entwined with the others. I felt very...involved. As though I was living in the story. It is original and builds the story on a world that, if I'm not mistaken, has been written about very little....

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This story is told from Max's perspective, and let me just say first off - Dang! That girl has one powerful, impressive, and strong voice. But more on that in a bit....
This was one heck of a book. It was another "Well...I'm not sure if I'm going to like it" book. Another, "Holy crud I was sooooo wrong" book. I can't say enough good stuff about it - in fact, I'm lacking any sort of criticism...because there's nothing to criticise! James Patterson has all sorts of talent - in every area of writing/story-telling. It blew me out of the water....

I looked forward to reading this book for nearly 9 months before I finally got to read it for school. It most definitely did not disappoint and I want to say right off the bat that everyone should give this a try! :)
For one, this book is hilarious. Everything about it - the characters, story line, and dialogue - has some sort of humorous tinge to it. I laughed and giggled through the whole thing....

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WHY did I not keep reading this when I picked it up first a year ago?! Ok, I seriously enjoyed this book. When I won this book in a giveaway, I was so excited to start it back up again. I was expecting it to be good - and instead I got great.
I really loved almost everything about this book. The one thing, however, that didn't quite live up to the rest of the book, was the world building. While everything else was close to perfect, the less-than-300 pages of this book didn't hold very much detail about the world Ty and his family and friends live in and why they're there. You get the gist of it, but I felt there could have been more....

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I normally don't read mysteries. They intrigue me, but I'm not motivated to read them like I am a good fantasy/dystopian book. That is, I'm not motivated to read mysteries other than the William Monk mysteries, which are some of the greatest books around. I could rave for hours about the genius of these books. They provide incredible, life-like characters, situations that are out of the ordinary but not hard to believe, insight into the Victorian era in England like only a Victorian novelist could give, and phenomenal mysteries that have you guessing until the very end. Literally, the last few pages.

Have I caught your attention yet?

If I haven't, keep reading and I hope by the time you finish reading this review you'll have made up your mind to start reading this incredible series.

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