Friday, June 17, 2011

Inkdeath (Quotes)

Here are a few quotes...  This book is reminding me of why they are some of my all time favorites.  The power of her word choices, the imagery, the beauty of the world, the bond between stuns me with every page.  I love it.  LOVE. IT.

They had gone.  Had left him alone with all the blue, that clashed with the red of the fire.  Blue as the evening sky, blue as cranesbill flowers, blue as the lips of drowned men and the heart of a blaze burning with too hot a flame.  Yes, sometimes it was hot in this world, too.  Hot and cold, light and dark, terrible and beautiful, it was everything all at once.  It wasn't true that you felt nothing in the land of Death.  You felt and heard and smelled and saw, but your heart remained strangely calm, as if it were resting before hte dance began again.
Peace.  Was that the word?
-- Chapter 26, Page 230

Another of Violante's soldiers was lying outside the door, his young face showing his terror as he saw death coming.  They lay everywhere.  The Castle in the Lake - and the Bluejay with it - belonged to the Adderhead.  So that was how the story ended.
"What a terrible ending!"  Mo could almost hear Megge saying.  "I don't want to listen to this book, Mo.  Don't you have another story?"
-- Chapter 56, Page 517

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