Friday, May 13, 2011

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (book 1) by James Patterson

'Being a mutant isn't always easy. In fact, it's never easy. Maximum Ride and her friends - her family - are six mutants created by scientists at the School. They...well...they have wings. They can fly. Max, Fang, Iggy, the Gasman, Nudge, and Angel: a family, the best of friends, in hiding, freaks to the rest of the world, never completely safe. They are on their own, after their savior and father figure, Jeb, was killed.
But when the youngest of their Flock, Angel, is kidnapped by the Erasers, creatures created by the School for evil purposes, Max and her friends will do anything and everything to get her back - and they might just discover some startling secrets and life-or-death obstacles along the way.

My thoughts -
This story is told from Max's perspective, and let me just say first off - Dang! That girl has one powerful, impressive, and strong voice. But more on that in a bit....

This was one heck of a book. It was another "Well...I'm not sure if I'm going to like it" book. Another, "Holy crud I was sooooo wrong" book. I can't say enough good stuff about it - in fact, I'm lacking any sort of criticism...because there's nothing to criticise! James Patterson has all sorts of talent - in every area of writing/story-telling. It blew me out of the water.

For a while I was like, "Wow, this book is really well-developed in the story factor!" Then, a bit later, I thoguht, "He really focuses on characters and making them real...I'm impressed!" Then, the same thing about the action. Then the writing. Then the emotion. I went on like this in dog-chasing-tail fashion before I realized: It isn't one of these's all of it - the whole flipping package!

Character notes -
From the very first pages, I felt like I knew Max already. She's strong, sweet, loving, and tough when she needs to be. When I think of Max, I think mature. She's had to go through so much, had to practically raise these kids on her own, and even through all the tough pockets of life, she loves them more than she loves herself. Her selflessness amazed me - as did the rest of the Flock's. All six of them were willing to give their lives for the others in a heartbeat.
I loved the whole Flock. All of them, so so much. They all brought something to the table, something vital to the story. They were all alive - I can still picture them perfectly, as though I've known them all my life. It's a pretty neat feeling.
(It's a difficult job, picking a favorite in a book that holds so many great characters, but Fang has got to be at the very top. He was wonderful the whole time. I love how his eyes and his fraction-of-a-second smiles convey his moods so perfectly, and all the while keep his character consistent and just awesome. And the sacrifices he makes for his "family" was so impressed - let's just say that!)

Story notes -
This is one of those books where everything bad that could possibly happens - happens. Like, there is no end to the amount of trouble, danger, and action. There are bombings, chase scenes, going under cover, fist fights, and lots and lots of secrets. Every chapter held a new dilemma, every chapter brought up some new disaster that kept the Flock from attaining their goal. This only worked to make this book even more genius than it already was.

The actual story is super duper emotional. More so than I was expecting. On top of the action-packed scenes (which take up the majority of the book), I couldn't help but feel deeply...for the entire book. It was heart-breaking, pitiful, and just plain yucky-feeling that these kids have nowhere to go...that they are looked upon as freaks, cast-aways of society. Life will never be normal for them. And when they triumph over their enemies in scenes throughout the book, all I wanted to do was jump out of my seat and whoop for joy! James Patterson really use the characters and their sticky situation to tug at your heart and keep you sucked into the story until you've turned the last page. And even after, coming from my perspective.

The writing is just as wonderful as the rest of this wonderful, awesome package of a story. It's simple, its own style, with a touch of humor and lots of really great dialogue to keep it flowing perfectly. Each character had his/her own way of speaking/expressing him/herself.

Oh, and the irony of this story.... Geeeee it kept me on my toes. Max was often put in ironic situations that she couldn't get out of, or that reminded her of something terrible from her past, or both. And this leads me to...
One word of phrase to sum it up (final thoughts) -
Ironic. Seriously ironic. And of course, all the other words you can use to describe a wonderful, action-packed, emotional sci-fi adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end. Except, this isn't the end. There are six more books, and this is making me sooooo happy. I'm just dying for book #2 to come in at the library! (This is one of those series where I cease to care about all other books I have to read - I!) Recommended to anyone and everyone...seriously. Don't hesitate to pick this up!

This is a very clean book - I think good for ages 12 and up! :)

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  1. I have read all but the last of this series and this one is still my favorite. Great review!

  2. Huh, I've passed by this series so many times (mostly because I don't like the covers). I guess I should take another look at them. Your review makes them sound like something I'd love. Thanks!

  3. I've read all the but the last 2 in this series. I loved it at first, now it's more of a "like it". You should try his adult series that is like this one. "When the Wind Blows". It's amazing!

  4. I've read the whole series so far and i laove all the books. they are exciting and full of action.

  5. I have the book but I didn't read it and I think it's time. I read some reviews and they were all very good. I'm so curios about the book.

  6. Definitely read it soon! I think the first one, at least, is worth a read! :)