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April Summary

This month I'm doing my summary a little bit differently!  There's a picture of each book I read, and next to it is a little excerpt of my review, so you can kind of get a feel for the book/review.  :)
I read a total of 11 books this month and, while I liked some of them and loved others, there were a couple that I just..blech.  (There are 2 more not included in the 11 that I couldn't even finish!)  I could complain about this...but, I won't.  After having an incredible month of reading last month, I was beginning to worry if every book I read for the rest of the year would be rated five stars or close to.  That's why I'm glad I got a couple of two and three stars in there, to prove that I'm not losing my (somewhat) critical eye.  ;)

Overall I enjoyed this month and am excited for what May brings!  Because we might be moving very soon, and lots of end of the year studying, and week long conference coming up, this blog may or may not be neglected...  But I promise, once I'm a graduate things will pick up again! :)

Here are my reviews for the month!

"Oh, sigh...  How immensely I love this book.  If I could have my way, I'd write out the whole entire book as my review, just because there is really no way to do it justice.  However, I will try.  I will try my hardest.

This is my third time to read Scaramouche.  So, as you can imagine, I've spent a lot of time with this book..."

"Delirium shook me to the core.
No, really, my hands were shaking and my breathing was coming fast.
But first, I must rewind to the beginning.  At the beginning, within the first ten pages, my jaw dropped.  This is quality literature, I told myself, sucking in those pages without delay.  The writing.  The characters.
The atmosphere.
Picture yourself sitting, surrounded by the white halls of a hospital.  Everything smells clean, sterile, and you can't help but notice the faint echo, as though life, real life, is outside the walls that surround you..."

"How cute!  I wasn't sure what to be expecting from this book, but I quite enjoyed it and definitely recommend it.  It wasn't as polished or detailed as I was hoping - the writing was a bit plain for my taste - but nevertheless it was so fun and sweet and innocent and I will definitely be reading it again!..."

"I seriously wanted to like this book.  I had heard amazing things about it and, knowing it is a love story and I am a sucker for love stories, I was so excited to dive in.

When I did, I was met with:  an unexpectedly low pace; major character inconsistencies; a really weird atmosphere that didn't match up at all with the time period; modern dialogue; stupid, inconsistent emotions, or too much exaggerated emotion; and a whole lot of waiting...and waiting...and waiting...."

"This is my first time reading To Kill a Mockingbird (people have looked at me, shocked, for saying that), and not only can I say that I've read it, but I can also say that I loved it.
I was quite moved by this story.  Moved to laughter, moved to sorrow, moved to anger, moved to love.  I was inspired by this little girl Jean Louise who saw the world so innocently.  I wanted to be like her.  I want to be like her.  She was precious to read about...."

"I love this book!  I'm so happy to be further into the series now and I can't wait to read book #3!  There is so much to love about this book...  The fun characters, the original atmosphere, and the well-built story.  This is quality literature and I'm definitely a fan...."

Read the full review!

"I liked this book.  It didn't shock me or wow me or bring me to tears.  It didn't carry me on the waves of love or hate or disgust or longing.  This story has a strong atmosphere - but that's about it.  I enjoyed the feeling of waves beneath me, being the only ship for hundreds of miles in a vast and unpredictable see, the salty sea-spray that was constantly in the air...  But it lacked action, determination, and characters to attach myself to.  I wasn't longing for more when I set the book down; I was actually happy it was over, as I'd started to feel the pages slowly creeping past, counting the amount left until it'd be over...."

"I wasn't quite sure if it was possible. I didn't know where Rallison was going to go with this book, and while I was sure it was going to be great, I didn't exactly know how great. My Fair Godmother was an exceptional piece of literature - serious, light, fluffy, adventurous, dangerous, funny, and romantic, all in one book - and I didn't think she could do it again.
HA! I laugh at my own stupidity. To think she couldn't do it again - and then to find that she has done it better. Yes. You read correctly - better.
My Unfair Godmother was a little darker, had a bit more action....."

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"Ohhhhhh sigh...happy happy sigh.  I was hooked from the very beginning.  The massive amount of character, the darling relationships between the sisters, the perfect fairy tale world - it made my heart flutter.  Even when there wasn't a lot of action or mystery, it was still undeniably interesting and fascinating.  Everything about this world inspired me and made me want to live there, even if just for a time.  It became my favorite castle, my favorite fantasy country (the landscaping Heather Dixon did was magical!), and my favorite magical underground pavilion....."

Read the full review!

"I'm immensely proud of Harry!  He has three years at Hogwarts behind him and has lived through all of them (if only barely).  He has become like a friend, especially through this third book in the series, which I found to be better than the last.  Everything about this book was awesome.  But not only the story and characters; I felt like I could picture everything a whole lot better, like putting my glasses on in the morning...."

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  1. Quite a lot of diversity in your reading this month. I love Delirium and enjoyed Prom and Prejudice (my first Austen retelling). With your comment about Entwined I am now wanting to get my hands on it soon. Hope your May reads are as good.