Wednesday, April 6, 2011

March Summary

Is everyone else here completely amazed by the fact that three months of 2011 have passed?  It still feels like January, to me.  It's kind of freaking me out.

Well, this month I did a few things differently, due to circumstances.  I read 11 books this month, first of all.  I reviewed 8 on my blog; I reviewed 1 singularly on Goodreads (as it wasn't a book of great importance to me, either way); I read 2 books for Fairytale Fortnight, reviews for which will be released on the hosting blogs in mid-late April (see the right sidebar for for info - click on the picture).  So you see, I've had a busy month of reading and it has held so many wonderful books for me!

Here are my book reviews:

The books read for Fairytale Fortnight will be announced in April with the event! :)

I've read 29 books toward my goal of 65 books in 2011.  Goodreads says I'm 12 books ahead!  :D

As for my other stuff...
  • I hosted a Giveaway for the book Two Girls of Gettysburg.

I shared three quotes:

I wrote a post on the Lessons of Dostoevsky.

I started a new, monthly Guest Post page designed to celebrate the classics.

I USED to have a weekly meme called Friday Buys, where I listed all the books I buy, as I buy them.

And here are my pages:

(I deleted my What I'm Reading page and put a box on the top right side of the blog that has pictures of the books I'm reading...and they link to Goodreads so you can check them out!)

Where can you find me?

(Being a fan/follower/confirmed subscriber on Goodreads and Facebook and my home page will usually bring  more points if you ever enter any of my future giveaways!)


  1. You've had a good month in books :) I want to try Rick Riordan's books- my sister is a huge fan of his.

  2. Yes - you definitely should! Worth your time...quality literature...super fun...a really neat way to learn about Greek Mythology. :D
    Thanks for the comment!