Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

This is the fifth book in the Percy Jackson series;  however, there are no spoilers!  If you haven't read the rest of the series, I suggest you do, however, because these books are just phenomenal!  Click on the links below to read my reviews on the other books in the Percy Jackson series.

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The Battle of the Labyrinth (book 4)

Nico's plan is crazy, but it may be the only plan that will effectively work to save Olympus - and the rest of the world.  So Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, follows Nico and does the unthinkable - something only two other men have undertaken.  But now Olympus is under attack, and only the demigods are available to fight.  The gods themselves have left their thrones on Olympus to battle Typhon, the most powerful Titan, as he barrels his way across the U.S.  Percy is chosen to lead the demigods and every other stray group he can pull together. This kid has got a lot on his mind:  the prophecy, which has now been revealed to him; the many opposing voices and opinions that surround him; the lies that would be so easy to believe; Annabeth and Rachel; and now this whole army.  It is up to him, and him alone, to make to the choice that will save Olympus -  or bring the whole world tumbling down to Tartarus.

My thoughts -

My thoughts?  My thoughts?!  My feelings, more like it!  I'm so sad because the series is over...and yet totally happy because the end was so satisfying.  It left me in amazement and awe as I set down the final installation to the insanely good series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

At the beginning of this series, I would never have thought I'd feel this way.  The first three books are good, and enjoyable and fun and adventurous.  But when book four came around, I realized, "Holy moly, I'm attached to these characters and I didn't even realize it - and now the series is almost over!"

The Last Olympian took me by surprise.  I had no idea, until the moment it happened, what was going to happen.  The prophecy hung over the story.  Percy was going to have to make a decision that would alter the fate of Olympus.  Many people were going to die.  Either Kronos or the gods would rule once Percy had made his decision.

It was insane.  Packed to the brim with adventure, magic, and mystery - along with that lovely sarcastic sense of humor that makes Percy who he is - the last Percy Jackson book delivered.  More than delivered.  The end was perfect and exactly what I was hoping for.  It made me clap and laugh and it filled me with excitement.

Favorite character (character notes) -

I always choose Percy as my favorite character, and this time is no exception.  However, this time I am unable to choose a supporting character that I prefer over the others.  They were all so amazing this time - really, I was surprised.  Nico had a great part in this story, a memorable one.  Annabeth was awesome, Grover, Silena, Chiron, the gods, and all the rest of the demigods...  It was as though they all made their grand finale performance - and all were memorable in some way.

One thing I must add is that I LOVED the new characters introduced (whether for only a moment or for a few chapters).  I don't want to say any names because it might give something away...just know it was an amazing last addition to the cast and I was thoroughly impressed!  (I got to meet one of my favorite Greek heroes - it was amazing!)

One last note on Percy...  Over time he has changed and grown and become a young man.  But in this book you see him as stronger, more intense - and yet still more tender than ever before.  It's hard not to totally respect and adore him. 
Favorite aspects/scenes -

There is so much to love about this book.  It was, in every way, the grand finale to a grand series!
Favorite scenes include the River Styx, Hudson and East, the scenes with Morpheus (oooohh morpheous...), and, of course, the last scene in the second to last chapter, which made me giggle with joy!!!  (It had some of the best one-liners, which I will always remember!)

Other aspects about this novel that I love:
Rick Riordan is a master at tying up loose ends.  He is a master of delving into the language of a teenager and making Percy a realistic boy in the 21st century.  I love the way he re-introduces the characters and how he sets up the premise of the story so quickly.  I love the atmosphere of The Last Olympian, among all the other books.  It was dark, chaotic, and yet almost dreamy.  Almost moist, like after a giant storm.  But really, the storm had yet to come.  And there is that sense of humor, that sarcasm that always prevails.  There are humorous situations that could be really cheesy - but Rick Riordan manages to make them hilarious, like laugh out loud hilarious!  There are some absolutely incredible heart-pounding edge of your seat battle scenes.  Each satyr, half-blood, and any other kind of creature fighting for the gods had his own part to play and affected the story in his own way.  They all worked together to bring this story to a climactic, unforseen ending that will leave you gaping.

I mean, really.  It doesn't get any better.

One word to sum up this book (and final thoughts) -

I would describe this book as phenomenal.  Seriously, I was so impressed.  If you haven't read this series yet - you should.  They are rewarding, well-written, quality pieces of literature with a fun twist on Greek mythology.  They definitely deserve a round of applause.  And I can't wait to someday re-read them, because I know what amazing stories are behind those covers.


  1. I have been eyeing this series for awhile now but I have yet to start. Your sadness at reaching the end of the series bodes well - must be a good one!

  2. Oh they are awesome! You should definitely read them!

  3. I was right on the edge about whether or not to buy this series for my nephew for Christmas this year and it sounds like it would be perfect from your review. I actually went back and read them from the beginning and saw how excited you got as the series continued - it really sounds like something he'd enjoy. He's only 11, but I think it's still an appropriate age for this one.