Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do YOU have $9.00?

....If so - you need to go spend it on this:

But ONLY if you've read:

And if you haven't read Aurelia, hopefully you have $18.00.  Because, really, you should buy both.

I'm ecstatic right now.  The lovely Anne Osterlund has written some amazing books here, and I want you all to go and enjoy their awesomeness!  Today is Exile's release date and I'm on my toes!  I have a copy (I received an ARC), but if you all don't have a copy, then what's the point?  Go. Buy. These. Books!

Where to buy them???
Barnes and Noble:


If you haven't read my reviews on these two lovely books, then click on the links below:

Seriously.  Add these books to your TBR and make the purchase.  You won't regret it!! ;)

Oh, and while you're at it - don't miss this wonderfully well-timed opportunity to go follow Anne Osterlund's fantastically witty blog.  I quite enjoy myself over there and think you all will, too! ;)

Happy reading!

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