Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison

If only Savannah Delano's beautiful but stupid boyfriend hadn't broken up with her for her sister - she wouldn't be in this mess.  Instead of planning to go to prom with Hunter, in the gorgeous $350.00 dress she'd bought specifically for the event, she's stuck with a frustrating and inexperienced Fairy - excuse me, Fair - Godmother.  When Chrysanthemum Everstar gives Savannah three wishes, Savannah thinks she's got it under control - I mean how hard can it be to use three wishes to wish your life back to the way it was?  (A.K.A. perfect.)  A lot harder than you think.  Especially if Chrissy is in charge.  Savannah gets stuck in the Middle Ages in two fairytales she never wanted to be a part of - and then has to turn around and rescue (again, from the smelly Middle Ages) a boy from school she told herself she was going to avoid (because he's the last person she wants to take her to prom).  Can Savannah save him in time and regain control of her life?  Or will these events alter her life in a way that can never be changed?

My thoughts -

You know those books that you pick up thinking you're getting into a light and fluffy read that may or may not be good literature?  When I pick up a book like that, I try not to expect too much from in in character development, story line, originality, etc.  My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison was exactly one of those books.  I planned to read it, enjoy it for what it is, give it three stars, and move on.

I was WAY wrong!  This book began surprising me from the first pages - how Rallison introduced her characters was amazingly intriguing.  Instead of starting from Savannah's perspective, she dives into her sister Jane's.  What does Jane think of this whole "boyfriend stealing" thing?  Does she really mean to steal Hunter from her sister?  Is it her fault?  Is she just a mean sister with a cold heart, waiting to prey on Savannah at any moment, as Savannah thinks?

After we get that side of the story (the first chapter), we get Savannah's heartbreak and her attempts to make amends on her own.  But even when her Fair Godmother Chrissy shows up, Savannah can't seem to get things under control.  But all these mistakes turn out to be a blessing in disguise as Savannah realizes what it means to be responsible and strong and to truly love someone - and to have someone truly love her in return.

There were a couple of really awesome statements in this book about love and what it does to even the most responsible people.  The story was original and fun and, while it had a light-hearted tone, the danger was real and peril was inevitable.  There were so many twists and turns in the last half that I couldn't help but drop my jaw in amazement.  There was mystery and magic and intriguing battles with dragons and ogres and knights.  The mystery had me guessing until the end, when I had narrowed it down to two suspects but still couldn't decide!  The Black Knight creates a very old-fashioned atmosphere, with challenges and mystery and chivalry.

There is so much packed into these few pages that it made me wonder how Rallison did it so masterfully.  There's Jane and hunter's story, followed by Savannah's attempts to get a prom date by herself, then Savannah being transported to different fairytales - and then to the middle ages for the third time to save Tristan, her un-wanted prom date.

Speaking of Tristan...  I totally adored this guy.  And even though he was amazing from the first time his name is mentioned, Rallison manages to take him from a cute, sweet, gentle but strong guy and add greater integrity and a whole lot more confidence (the kind of confidence you get from slaying dragons) to his character.  And all the while she manages to keep him consistent!  And he and Savannah are exact opposites in such a way that makes you go, "DUH!  They're so meant for each other!"
Favorite character -

I don't have a favorite character.  (Shocker!)  While I liked Chrissy and Savannah a little less than I liked Jane, Hunter and (duh!) Tristan, it wasn't enough so that I can choose.  I am at a stand-off here, but it really doesn't matter.  Everyone was wonderful and they were all so perfect for the story!
Favorite aspects/scenes -

The originality of the two fairytales at the beginning was amazing.  If you can make Cinderella and Snow White original and incorporate those two stories into the end of the story, you've got amazing talent.  The switching of potions and enchantments was something I hadn't thought of/read before and found it added a more serious tone to the story.  The way the love story is built is so smooth and wonderful...  The innocence in this story is hard to ignore - and so easy to like.

A favorite scene would be the ball.  And all the scenes after the ball...  But I can't say another word or I'll ruin the surprise!!

One word to sum up this book (and final thoughts) -

Illuminated is the word I think best describes this book.  The whole thing shines and is filled with treasures.  If you haven't read this book - what the heck are you waiting for?!  This is a matter of serious importance! :)  I hope that everyone who reads this review will find the time to read this book...and I hope everyone finds it as incredibly wonderful as I have!  Now all I have to do is get my hands on a copy of My Unfair Godmother which is released April 12th.  More more more! :)  I'm already dying to read My Fair Godmother a second time!


  1. I thought I commented on this review already. Sorry!

    I'm so glad you liked it!! I loved how Savannah and Tristan grew and interacted with one another. I was just like you--expecting a quick light read that would be fun but wouldn't leave much of an impression. But I loved this book so much!

  2. Haha no worries - I love the comments whenever I get 'em. ;) "My Fair Godmother" really was a wonderful read...definitely re-readable!

  3. Sounds like a good story. I love that it ended up being a much better story than you thought it would be and that you couldn't pick a favorite character because they were all so good. And the fact that you are already looking forward to re-reading it says alot.