Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Idea for a Monthly Guest Post...

I love Guest Posts.  I've been thinking lately about what kind of guest post I could do that I hadn't seen before...  It didn't take me long to realize that because I LOVE the classics and want to hear lots of other people's thoughts on them, I should do a sort of classics Guest Post.

My idea is this:  Once a month (for now...I may make it twice a month when it takes off), I will host a Gueust Post that has something to do with a classic, or a few classics.  Such as a book review (duh!), a classics comparison, an author bio of sorts (like: 10 interesting facts about "blank") could also write a review on a biography that you read about a classics author that was interesting...  Things like that.

Sound fun?

I'll be creating the page for it soon, where there will be some rules and a form to fill out, just so I can have more information on what you want to write.  I will contact you with the date I'll publish your post and you can send in your review/bio/whatever else! :)

Now on to my next review...

Happy Reading!