Thursday, February 10, 2011

Timeless by Alexandra Monir

Michele Windsor lives an ordinary life on the coast of California.  Her mother, Marion, is her best friend and confidant.  But when Marion dies in a car crash, Michele is sent to live with her wealthy and prestigious grandparents, Walter and Dorothy, in New York City.  She's kindly treated, but she doesn't like the high society life they lead, and misses home - and her dear mother - more than she can say.  But when mysterious things begin to happen, Michele only has more questions.  She's had the same dream for years - the one with the strikingly handsome boy in it - but now this boy is appearing it new dreams.  And after overhearing a strange conversation between her grandparents, Michele begins to wonder more about her father.  Who was he?  Is he somehow connected to her dreams?  And the boy...she has such a strong desire to be with him.  It is up to Michele - and Michele alone - to face these strange questions.


This book fluctuated for me: first, I loved it; then, I wasn't sure about how the author was going to finish it (I still liked it, though).  But at the end, and toward the last quarter of the book, I was so surprised and amazed at the turn things had taken that I couldn't help but love it again.

This book starts and something and turns into something completely different.  The execution, and even the plot line, were super unpredictable and I can only sit here and admire the author for her outstanding job at pulling it all together like that.  (But there's more to be told...oh, there's so much more!)  Alexandra Monir's writing style wasn't my absolute favorite, but it was easy to read and clear.  I understood everything that was going on, even with the would-be confusing time-travel and such.  I really liked Michele and thought she was a relateable character.  Her emotions came across perfectly - I really did feel everything she felt.

There were a few conversations/paragraphs in which I thought the word choice was a bit cheesy (part of the reason why I didn't love her writing), but it didn't bother me too badly.  While I appreciated the love between Michele and the boy in her dreams (who she meets), I didn't exactly like their love story.  I didn't think that part of the execution was carried out very well.  For one, Philip wasn't the strongest character ever.  Likeable, but not strong.  He and Michele fall in love almost instantly (which I didn't mind exactly), but I thought for the amount of time they were together, there was too much kissing going on and not enough bonding.  When she wants to sleep with him the first time, he declines, saying he respects her too much to put her into that position.  Then it implies that they sleep together later in the story.  There are a few references to a couples having affairs.

Favorite character:  Michele...although, even though Philip isn't the strongest character, he is very likeable and does some very brave and virtuous things in Michele's honor.  I also really liked Henry Irving, for what very small amount of time he was in the story (promises for the next book!).

Favorite aspect:  Michele's affect on Time...though I can't say anything else without spoiling the story.

Summing it up with one word:  flowy.  It's true - it very much flowed, like ripples on the surface of a lake.  :)

Overall, this is a very original and interesting story, with several twists in the end that will leave you pining for more!

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