Thursday, February 3, 2011

Barnes and Noble Deal!! 20$ for 10$!!

Ok, Groupon is pretty much my best friend right now.

This link will take you to the Groupon page that allows you to buy a coupon of 20$ worth at Barnes and Noble for only 10$!!!  Talk about a reader's deal...  You can only buy one per credit card, but if you have more than one credit card you can buy more than one coupon on a second (or even third) account.  (So basically one coupon per credit card per account.  Am I making sense???)

Another catch is that they usually have a limited amount of coupons to sell...which means that since there have been almost 100 coupons bought in the last five minutes, I suggest you buy fast.  Like, now.

This coupon expires on April 10th and can be used at any store, or online.  For books or ebooks.  For movies and games and calendars.  EVERYTHING! :)

It's pretty step by step to sign up if you don't already have one.  But if you need help, comment and I'll try to help you as much as I can!

Hope everyone gets a little bit of Barnes and Noble love!

Happy reading!

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