Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sapphique, Quotes

Here are some quotes that I've really really enjoyed from Sapphique.  I am utterly amazed by this book, continually.
"There are ways around it," Finn said softly.

"Not for us."  He pushed the pottery cups toward them.  "For the Queen maybe, because them that make the rules can break them, but not for the poor.  Era is no pretense for us, no playing at the past with all its edges softened.  It's real.  We have no skinwands, lad, none of the precious electricity or plastiglas.  The picturesque squalor the Queen likes to ride past in where we live.  You play at history.  We endure it."

- Chapter 15, Page 201
"The world is a chessboard, madam, on which we play out our ploys and follies.  You are the Queen, of course.  Your moves are the strongest.  For myself, I claim only to be a knight, advancing in a crooked progress.  Do we move ourselves, do you think, or does a great gloved hand place us on our squares?

-- Private Letter;  The Warden of Incarceron to Queen Sia

- Chapter 17, Page 218
She stared at the carved wood, then turned and walked quickly away through the crowd.  And like a whisper in her ear her father's voice came to her, coldly amused.  "Do you see them, Claudia?  Pieces on the chessboard.  How sad that only one can win the game."

- Chapter 17, Page 231

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