Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aurelia by Anne Osterlund


Robert Vantauge remembers Aurelia, and although she's older and even more beautiful now, she hasn't changed much.  She was once the troublemaking classmate he knew years ago, and now she's the mischevious princess he saw mingling with the crowd at the ball.  She was so charming - why would anyone be out to kill her?  Sent to Tyralt's castle to protect the princess and solve the mystery of who has been trying to take Aurelia's life, Robert must play a game of deceit and keep the truth away from Aurelia, all the while studying the attempted murders and trying to figure out who did it.  But the princess is smart and could figure it out in a moment.  And what of their friendship, slowly forming into something that could be more?   Time is running out.  The threats are becoming more violent, more real, to Robert and to Aurelia.  And Robert knows he can't let Aurelia go - she's much too precious to him to let him make even the smallest of mistakes.


I LOVED this book.  LOVED.  It was written well, developed well, and ended well.  It had character, meaning, and life to it.  The characters were all realistic and, well, loveable.  Everything about this book is loveable.  And it is also mysterious, dangerous, and full of action.  AND it is clean.  Which makes things even more wonderful.  I read the book in two days, most of it in one morning.  I was intrigued, excited, and having too much fun reading it.

And who doesn't love a book that is just too much fun?  ;)

One word to describe this book:  Yes, I've already said it...loveable. :)

Favorite character:  Too hard to decide...  Robert and Aurealia were both amazing, but so were Chris and Drew.  But, if I had to pick....Robert.

I highly recommend this book to anyone.  Really!  No exceptions (which there normally are).

Exile is book #2...and guess what?  I'm excited.  Can you tell?


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  2. This book sounds really good. Thanks for the review.

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