Sunday, December 5, 2010

Update, December 5th

I need to slow down.  With school, I'm reading two books at a time, plus my book(s) for pleasure reading.  I just finished Up From Slavery but I still don't have time for it all.  Sometimes I feel that I can read all the books I want to within a week, and other times I feel overwhelmed, wishing for the superpower of superreading.  But, as I am not a very fast reader, especially with everything that's going on around me, I have to pace myself.  I just returned from the library, bringing home three more books to add to my collection of currently checked out library books...but don't think I'm going to read them all.  Two are a part of a series, another is the second the others are just random books that look interesting.  But I own so many books that I haven't read that I'm feeling convicted...  It doesn't help to spend all this money on books and then not read them.  HA!  So if  you see on my lists that I have a few books checked out from the library, please don't expect me to ever pick them up.

On the other hand, I have PLENTY of books to read at home...  Series, even, that I want to read.  I also have some series that I need to wrap up before I start others.  (I may have to get some of these from the library, but at least there'll be closure...haha!)  And then there are my favorite re-reads that I've been missing...

So, I have no idea what books are in store for me in the next couple of months.  On top of reading I will be recording and posting on and also writing...

Which leads me to another topic.  Finally, after months of little or no writing, I've finally been able to sit down and WRITE.  AH!  It's such a wonderful feeling.  I was starting to feel discouraged about my story and the ideas that I had to write down, because I wasn't motivated to finish it.  But now, I'm full swing into the story again and have had so many wonderful ideas about certain scenes that I didn't think I was going to be able to pull off.  Wonderful feeling, it is. :)

And now, back to the reading!  (Hood and North and South.  Both are at least half way through.)

Happy Reading! :)

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