Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To Catch A Pirate by Jade Parker

Annalisa Townsend has always had a safe life.  But when her father's ship, carrying  a chest of gold that is supposed to be delivered to the Governor of a new settlement in the Caribbean, is attacked by pirates, Annalisa will stop at nothing to get revenge.  A young pirate in the raid, James Sterling, steals a ring from her finger and a kiss from her mouth, in exchange for letting Annalisa go free.  Now that she has caught Sterling, however, Annalisa is determined not to fall under the spell of his false charm.  But for how long will this determination last?  With every passing hour, and the closer they sail to finding the lost treasure, Annalisa is afraid of her feelings.  Can a change of heart in Sterling change everything she ever stood for?
Let me begin this review by saying that this isn't a well-told story.  And her writing skills aren't the best I've seen, either.  There were a few things that weren't "finished" in the end.  Two of the characters still did not have ronconciliation like I'd hoped; a few of the characters weren't well developed at all.  The writing was choppy at time...quick...lots of fluff and hardly any meat at all.  It isn't what you want if you're looking for a filling, intense, driving story.

But....  To be completely honest with the world, I am a hopeless romantic.  If I find a good love story, I'm swept away in an instant.  I've even skimmed certain books just to find out what becomes of the relationship in the end.  This story caught me from the first, however, and I read all the way through.  Three times.  In the span of 16 days.  (Twice in three days, and again about 10 days later.)

Do I ever do this?  No.  Never.  Ever.  But I was too enthralled.  I loved James Sterling too much.  I wanted Annalisa to fall in love with him.  I wanted him to not be a pirate.  I wanted him to fall in love with her.  I wanted him to change in one way but stay the same in another.

Were my expectations met?

At 230 pages long (and a very short book in height), with adventure and a love story to pass the time quickly, I'll let you figure it out.  :)

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