Sunday, December 26, 2010

Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner

The children of Dunt are well protected; too well protected.  They all look forward to Separation Day, when they will be separated from the Blessed Guardians.  They will be able to make their own way in the world.  And no one looks forward to this day more than twelve year old Godlen Roth, who is full of life and boldness.  When she makes a grand escape from Separation Day after something goes terribly wrong, she finds herself drawn by shadows to the Museum of Dunt, where she is taken in and promised least, protection from the Guardians and their evil plans.  However, the Museum, as small as it may look on the outside, has much more to it than anyone could ever imagine on the inside.  More secrets, more life, more terrifying discoveries.  And to stay alive, Goldie must join Toadspit, Herro Dan, Olga Ciavolga, and Sinew in their quest to keep this museum under control, and away from prying eyes.
When I find an original book amongst the many unoriginal books out there (some good, some not), it's like receiving a trophy.  I discovered this one, bought it, and my sister got to it first.  It's so good, Sierra, she kept telling me.  It's so original!  Soon after I began reading it, I found that it truly was original.  Now, I've read similar books, Incarceron by Catherine Fisher being one of them.  However, what made it original was the air it gave off.  I've never felt the way I did while reading it in any other book.  Which brings me to my one-word description:  strange.  Yes, strange.  This book is strange, in all the best kinds of ways.  Strange ideas, strange buildings, strange world, strange characters - all to carry you away and make you a part of their story.

Speaking of the characters, I do have a favorite character in this story.  The Fugleman.  But I won't say anything else or I'll spoil some surprises!  However, while I did love the characters and wish the best for them, some of them, including the lead, were flat.  Goldie, Herro Dan, and the Grand Protector lacked the life I wish they had.  However, Olga Ciavolga, the Blessed Guardians, Toadspit, Sinew, and of course the Fugleman were all wonderful.

And while I wasn't as drawn to some of the characters as I'd hoped, it didn't bother me one bit.  I didn't even notice it until the end, actually.  The reason?  The writing and story line.  They were so amazing that the story didn't need revolutionary characters to fill in.  The story line twisted and turned and led me to exactly where I should be - waiting for the sequal, City of Lies, which I happily plan on reading as soon as it is released.

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