Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hood, Quotes

Images of chaos sprang into his mind - a desperate battle between woefully outnumbered and lightly armed Britons and heavy, hulking, mail-clad Freinic knights.  He saw the blood haze hang like a mist in the air above the slaughter and heard the echoed clash of steel on steel, of blade on wood and bone, the fast-fading shouts and screams of men and horses as they died.

-- Hood by Stephen R. Lawhead
Chapter 6, page 54

And then continued on page 58:

Beyond Hereford, the land sloped gently down toward the lowlands and the wide Lundein estuary still some way beyond the distant horizon of rumpled, cultivated hills.  As daylight began to fail, they took refuge in a beech grove beside the road near the next ford; while Bran watered the horses, Freol prepared a meal from the provisions in their tuck bags.  They ate in silence, and Bran listened to the rooks flocking to the woods for the night.  The sound of their coarse calls renewed the horror of the day.  He saw the broken bodies of his friends once more.  Wiht an effort, he concentrated on the fire, holding the hateful images at bay.

Great imagery.  This scene is one of my favorites so far.  :)

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