Monday, November 22, 2010

The Bad Queen, Quotes

"Madame, you have given us a fine dauphine!" said my husband, who had stayed by my side.
I turned my head away.  So it was a girl after all.  I knew that everyone was disappointed, especially Louis.  But I was not.  A son would have belonged to France; he'd have been taken away from me immediately to be raised in the traditional manner.  But a daughter - a daughter was different.  I could bring her up as I liked, in a completely natural way.
When the newborn infant was swaddled and laid in my arms, I whispered fervently into her tiny pink ear, "My poor little girl, you are certainly not what was so much wanted, but you are no less precious to me because of it.  You shall be mine, and you shall have ht ebest care I can offer you.  I will feed you the milk of my own breasts.  You will share my every happiness and help me to bear every pain."  And then I kissed her downy litle head and allowed her to be carried away by Marie-Louise de Guemene, once my partner in gambling but now appointed the lofty governess to the Children of France.
We named out daughter Marie-Therese-Charlotte, on Mama's orders.  The first girl born to each of my children must be named in my honor, she wrote.
Now all I had to do was to get my strength back and get pregnant again as soon as possible.  The next child would surely be the right kind - a boy, a dauphin.

-- The Bad Queen by Carolyn Meyer
No. 39:  The child must be named in my honor,  pages 228-229

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