Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vintage Books: Captain from Castille

Finally, I'm writing a Vintage post. It's been a while.

This beautiful copy of Captain from Castille (by Samuel Shellabarger) was a very happy find for me. I'd wanted to buy and read this book before, but I could never find a copy of it, until after a lot of research, when I found an expensive, pictureless copy on Amazon. While I doubt it's rare, it's hard to find. I was surprised to find this one in a small bookstore in the Escondido library, priced at 50 cents. Um, yah...I think I'll take that! It's in good condition; the cover is perfect but the pages are a bit soft (it's obviously been read). However, I plan on reading it someday because the words are still readable and the spine is only a bit loose.

50 cents. Good buy.

Happy reading! :)

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