Thursday, October 7, 2010

Uncle Tom's Cabin, Quotes (3)

Tom looked up to his master, and answered, "Mas'r, if you was sick, or in trouble, or dying, and I could save ye, I'd give ye my heart's blood; and, if taking every drop of blood in this poor old body would save your precious soul, I'd give 'em freely, as the Lord gave his for me. O, Mas'r! don't bring this great sin on your soul! It will hurt you more than't will me! Do the worst you can, my troubles'll be over soon; but if ye don't repent, yours won't never end!"
Like a strange snatch of heavenly music, heard in the lull of a tempest, this burst of feeling made a moment's blank pause. Legree stood aghast, and looked at Tom; and there was such a silence that the tick of the old clock could be heard, measuring, with silent touch, the last moments of mercy and probation to that hardened heart.
It was but a moment. There was one hesitating pause, -one irresolute, relenting thrill, -and the spirit of the evil came back, with seven-fold vehemence; and Legree, foaming with rage, smote his victim to the ground.

- Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
Chapter 40, page 410

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