Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

Creel doesn't know what to expect when her nice but greedy aunt sends her to the dragon's cave to get rescued by a rich count - or prince, for that matter - and be swept away. Her aunt's hope is that Creel will end up with enough riches to support her and the rest of her extended family for a lifetime. Creel, however, manages to bargain with her dragon captor and even manages to win a pair of blue slippers from the dragon's lair. However, these slippers have more to do with dragons that she could ever imagine, and Creel is suddenly caught up in a whirlwind of adventures involving dragons (of course), princes, dress-makers, spoiled princesses, and angry kings. It is up to her and the power in her dragon slippers to stop the evil forces at work.

I really enjoyed this book; it flowed (mostly), it was sweet and clean, and it made me laugh. Creel's character was vibrant and spunky; the whole story she has a lot on her plate and she handles everything quite nicely. She finds herself battling a mean seamstress and falling in love with a handsome prince, all the while trying to save her friend dragon and his people. I was very happy with Dragon Slippers and the unique writing style that is Creel's voice. I thought George's use of Creel's one-of-a-kind talent with embroidery was also very one-of-a-kind; much of the story was built around a very entertaining group of seamstresses. The one downer of this story is the very beginning: while the rest of the book has depth and meaning, the beginning is a filler. While you're reading it, it doesn't really feel like there's a point to why Creel is heading up the mountain to face her doom. In fact, it feels stupid. I put this book down once before because I wasn't sure if I'd stay interested. I'm glad I picked it up again, but keep that in mind when it's your turn.

Side note: Dragon Flight, Creel's next adventure, was a major disappointment. Dragon Slippers ends with enough closure to allow you to leave off reading the rest. If this book sounds just too interesting to not read, go ahead and give it a try. It was wonderful and I enjoyed every last word. However, book two (one reason above many) got really strange with the magic of the dragons. And I felt like it took a whole different path than where she was going in the first one. Also, the beginning of book two starts in a completely different place and state of mind than the first one ends. It was overall confusing and not worth my time; I rarely do this but I put the book down half-way through.

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