Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School - Update

So, school has officially started for me. I've been caught up in full-blown math, history, and lots of literature. Before Monday, family was in town. And before that...well, I'm sure there was something else just as important that kept me away from the computer.

But now that things have fallen into a tighter schedule, I'll hopefully have time on the weekends to resume this blog as much as I can. At the moment I'm working on a review for Inkheart. After that review, I will start one for Dragon Slippers, the first book in Jessica Day George's trilogy. At the moment I am reading three books - Uncle Tom's Cabin, A Southside View of Slavery, and Crime and Punishment. I should have all three, and hopefully more, read before the end of the month and ready to have their reviews written.

For now, however, I need to get back to reading. I will post my quote of the week, and then be off to read today's selection of Uncle Tom's Cabin!

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