Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

After their mother and father die, Prosper and Bo find themselves in the not-so-nice care of their Aunt. Prosper plans an escape and he and Bo set off to Venice, their mother's favorite place in the whole world. Once there they find a home among a gang of thieves - or really, orphans who have a clever young master who steals fancy and expensive objects under the cover of a bird's mask. Then these items are sold, and the children use the money to provide food and clothes for themselves. Prosper and Bo immediately find a home among these young thieves. Then one day the group's most faithful buyer, Barbossa, tells the Thief Lord of someone who needs a talented thief to steal something for him - in exchange for a lot of money. The thief, Scipio, and his daring troupers are up for the dangerous task, as well as the mystery that is behind the wooden angel's wing they are about to steal.

This book fascinated me - it's a very original idea, with lots of great characters, adventures, schemes, and lessons to be learned. It is magical. It has depth. I fell for the characters quickly.

Cornelia Funke has always inspired me. From The Princess Knight, one of her picture books, to her Ink-trilogy (I'm actually reading Inkheart for the third time right now!), she has always written wonderful stories that can relate to all ages. I recommend this book heartily. Whether you are a six-year-old boy wanting a thrilling adventure or a sixty-year-old woman wanting to relive the adventures that come with being a child, this book will sweep you up and always be faithful to give you a good adventure.

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  1. My first brush with Cornelia Funke was the Inkheart series which I have and love so very much. After reading that series I went to the library to fins something else by this brilliant author, and this is the book that I came home with. And promptly got hooked, and ended up loving so much. It really is a great adventure, so exciting and fun. But it also has so much heart, which takes it to another level. Thanks for your review!