Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vintage Books: A Mother's Sacrifice

I love this book. It's beautiful, and it has history.

To: President of Sorority
Dear Rose,
May the reading of this book help you to forget the pain you are submitted to. Here's to a speedy recovery. The H. F. A. Sorority

Dated: March 1928

Okay, so this is an old book. 1928 is old enough for me to want to spend 10 bucks on it, especially since it's so beautiful. I didn't really think much about the real publication date, but brought it home immediately.
A week later I brought home another addition (I'll post about that one hopefully next), and the story behind this new book made me go back and look at the publication date of A Mother's Sacrifice. What I saw made me so proud of my purchase. :)

119 years old. When I got this, it was my oldest book to date. It's been trumped now, but I still love this one. It's in such good condition that I could read it without making it fall apart. Someday I just might pick it up...

Happy reading! :)

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