Thursday, July 15, 2010

Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer by John Grisham

Theodore Boone is one smart kids. With both parents as lawyers, he knows more about the law and what goes on in a courtroom than a lot of lawyers. Certainly more than your average pre-teen. He knows all the judges, what they do, and who works under them. He knows how each trial should go. He gives advice to his eight grade (and under) friends who have legal and financial family issues. He's a good kid, wanting to help his community through law, and is trying to decide whether or not he wants to be a lawyer or a judge. In Theo's small town in New York, the usual cases aren't much of an excitement. But now there has been a murder, and Theo, an eighth grader with a sharp mind and a love for law, is the only one who knows the truth - and he doesn't knw what to do with it.

I have to say: as much as I was looking forward to reading this book, I wasn't that impressed. The description makes it sound intense, but it really isn't. This involves maybe half the book. The rest is preparing the audience (aimed for the younger bunch) for what lies in store...such as where each person in court sits and what they do; or it is a collection of smaller cases that Theo works on with his friends who need his help...such as a boy whose family is about to lose their house, or a girl whose parents are about to get a divorce. And while learning about all these different areas of law is interesting, it's NOT what the description is promising. Which is very disappointing.

I think this is a great book if you want to learn about law and the different areas and how exactly things go on in a court room, with no surprise witnesses and whatnot (like you see on TV). But if you're looking for a fast-paced novel with twists and suspense, this is not the book for you. It only really starts to get interesting in the end; but still, I don't think I want to read the next one. Too much of the first one was iffy, and I don't want to waste my time.

A couple of good things about the book... I felt like it had a lot of character. Theo's life is very "perfect" in a sense. His parents are both very organized. Theo has a schedule he has to keep to - and wants to keep to. The Boone's lives are straight-forward, getting things done. It helped the story a lot. The way Grisham describes each and every lawyer, secretary, suspect, witness and judge is bright and gives life to the book. Because of this, I think I would enjoy one of Grisham's older novels. Still, overall, Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer was a disappointment for someone who was expecting the fast-paced story the description makes it sound like.

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