Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow by Jessica Day George

This story is about a girl, the youngest in a family of twelve children, a girl with no name. The lass, she is called by her older brother, Hans-Peter. They live in a fantasy version of Nothern Europe, where snow is always falling and the families are always cold. After being effected by the enchantment of a White Reindeer, the lass finds she can talk to animals... And when she has a sudden encounter with a magical bear, called an isbjorn (which literally means ice bear), the lass heads off on a journey with the isbjorn to give her family the freedom and wealth they have always desired - all the while playing a dangerous game with the wicked spell-casters of the Northlands and the bear she comes to love.

This story was expertly told. It is original and adventurous. Jessica Day George once again delivers with her excellent writing and ability to retell folklore and fairytales with a spin. This story was originally a Nordic fairytale called "East of the Sun, West of the Moon." I've never read/heard the original story, so I don't know how close she kept it. However, because of how exciting George's version was, I want to find a copy of the original fairytale and read it.

Again, Jessica Day George writes wonderful fantasy romances while keeping things clean and sweet. I can't wait to own all of her books - to see them lined up all neatly on my shelf, and to think about the wonderful stories inside of them, knowing they'll always be a good choice.

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