Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Princetta by Anne-Laure Bondoux

Malva is a beautiful, strong-willed young lady, the princetta of her father's kindgom, Galnicia. But there is one problem: Malva is being married off to the Prince of Andemark, a man she hardly knows and doesn't love. With the help of the Archont, her tutor, and Philomena, her chambermaid, Malva manages to escape her country - but only to fall into adventures she would have never dreamed of.

A couple things about this book caught my eye. One, the name...a twist on the title "princess". And two, the art. It swirls and twists and the colors are bright and they contrast beautifully together.

This truly was an adventure. The characters grow in such a way that makes them real and easy to understand. I could relate to most of them in different ways. They all had their own special gift or personality to give to the story to make it less and less like a book and more and more like a work of art.

If you are looking for a book that has a perfectly happy ending, don't pick this one up. I am a big fan of books that end with sacrifice and sometimes even tragedy, because it gives the book a deeper sense of reality. Now, I don't have anything against happy fact, I'm a hopeless romantic who just LOVES a happy ending, especially if it is involved in a love story. However, when an author goes against what everyone else is doing and creates a sense of mortality in the characters, while still giving them enough class to stay loved and adored for a long time, I cannot help but stand and applaud. This is exactly what Anne-Laure Bondoux has done, leaving me a happy reader.


  1. yes i to loved this book and have been writing my own 

  2. :D  Thanks for the comment!