Saturday, July 24, 2010

Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Princess Poppy hasn't danced in three years.

Since her now brother-in-law, Galen, delivered her and her eleven sisters from the King Under Stone, who had once forced the twelve princesses to dance with his twelve sons every night, Poppy has avoided dancing at all costs.
Now, however, Poppy is staying with the Seadowns, her cousins, in Breton. Poppy manages to skirt the first few balls, and makes good friends with the visiting Dane prince, Christian. But when things begin to go askew at the Seadown's, with their clumsy new maid Ellen, and Christian apparently under a spell, it is up to Poppy to help her Bretoner friends out of a disastrous situation, in which dancing might be the only way.

I was satisfied with this story, just as I was with the rest of George's books. If I hadn't known before I picked it up, I wouldn't have guessed it was the story of Cinderella, which makes it all the more exciting. It was fresh, clean, and well-written. I am pleased once again and look forward to more!

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