Saturday, July 31, 2010

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Anne Elliot and Captain Frederick Wentworth were happily in love and ready to be married - until Anne's friend Lady Russel persuades her that Captain Wentworth, a poor man in the army, is not the man for her. Eight years later, however, society brings them together again. Anne still loves him, and she must divulge if he still loves her, a hard task considering all the lovely young women who would do anything to marry the handsome and now wealthy Captain. Persuasion is a story filled with jealousy and uncertainty, as well as passion, simple joy, and a powerful, unconditional love.

Persuasion is my third Austen novel (the first being Pride and Prejudice, then Sense and Sensibility); I loved it. It kept me up late at night - midnight and later. I finished it in four days, which is a record for me as I do not read classics very quickly.

In one word, I would say this is a simple book, in the best sense. It is written well and the way the events of the story are played out build the characters' personalities, their way of living. The story progresses in just a way that mirrors Anne's feelings for Wentworth... In the beginning, there is no word of a Captain Wentworth, and Anne's life is happy. At least, on the outside. As everything falls into place, however, Anne becomes more and more unnerved and unable to conceal her love, the love she's had all along. The tension between the Captain and Anne Elliot was substantial and realistic. I was very impressed and am every excited to read and re-read all of Austen's wonderful novels. They're sitting on my shelf...waiting!


  1. HI Sierra,
    Your mom sent me a link to your blog - you probalby don't remember me, but we used to live in SD and we deliver bison to you all twice a year. I am so excited about your blog...I LOVE to read and hope to someday have a site reviewing newer books. I love that you are doing that - I cannot let my kids loose on more modern books, beucase I have NO idea what they are like. You must read Emma - it is my fav Jane Austen book - witty and so good. I am teaching a literary analysis class right now for some kids at our church (and mine, of course). I love imposing some of my favorites on them! We have read Baby (Patricia Maclachlan), Tuck Everlasting (Natalie Babbitt), and The Hundred Dresses so has been fun. I look forward to your reviews. So many books, so little time. Blessings, Mrs Dunham -

  2. I've been rereading this book a number of times lately. I love the story. it isn't as deep or lengthy as Pride and Prejudice, and it is quite a fast read. Jane Austen novels are always favorites for me, and Persuasion is my favorite Jane Austen novel after Pride and Prejudice.