Thursday, July 1, 2010

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Incarceron is a prison. It is the largest prison to ever exist. Civilizations have grown inside of it, people wandering, building cities, but all under Incarceron's watchful eye. Incarceron is alive.

Finn is a prisoner and a starseer. During fits of illness, he sees bouts of a past he doesn't remember, as well as Sapphique, the legend of hope to whom every prisoner looks. Finn, however feels there is no hope. None at all. Until he finds the Key. It is something he remembers from a long time ago, from that same past that torments him.

Claudia is in the Outside, and she is destined to be queen. But however magnificent her father makes it out to be, she doesn't want the title; not after what happened to Prince Giles, her first fiance. She starts to wonder, based off a few clues, if Giles was actually killed, like the Queen and the court said. And then she finds the Key...

I love it when I pick up a book and just know it's going to be a good one. While I didn't "pick this one up" in a literal sense, when I found it on Amazon, I just knew I was going to love it.

I was right.

For one, Incarceron is expertly written and crafted, from first page to last. Each character displayed Fisher's amazing ability to give life to the story, with their individual strengths and weeknesses that make them human. (My favorite character was Jared... He's one of those characters you wish you could meet.)

On word I could use to describe this book would be: smooth. There are no breaks in the story, where you wonder when it will pick up again. It is a huge example to me for my own writing, and actually helped me to see some errors in how I had constructed my story.

This leaves me with only one more thing to say: When the sequal, Sapphique, comes out later this year, I'm going to buy it. Because I know I will enjoy it.

(I won't do this with every post, but I feel obligated to say that while this is a very clean book, one of the more rough characters hates one of the female characters and calls her a "little b**ch". It is repeated five times over the course of 450 pages.)

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