Monday, June 14, 2010

Vintage Books: Farmer Giles of Ham

This copy of Farmer Giles of Ham was given to me by a friend who found it at a garage sale. It's a 1973 copy - Gearge Allen & Unwin LTD in London, or Houghton Miflin Company in Boston. This one was actually printed in the U.K.

When the dust jacket is off, you see this...

Embellishments by Pauline Diana Baynes -

This was such a great way to start out my collection. A gift, a beautiful copy, 37 years old... And at the time I received it, I didn't know I would start collecting! It really inspired me and showed me how beautiful these treasures can really be - and cheap too! I know this copy was less than $10. (And in 1973 it cost $4.95! Now it would cost somewhere around $15.00.)

As for the strength/wear and tear of the's in such good condition! There are stains on the cover, and some front pages; also, one of the pages of embellishments has come out. However, the spine is still really strong and the rest of the pages are still white and very readable. I hope to keep it in this amazing condition for as long as it's in my care.

Speaking of care: I'm thinking again of how this book got to where it came to be. It went all the way from a press in Oxford to a house in San Diego, California. How many people held this book in their hands, how many eyes read the story, before it got to that house?

This week I'm going up to San Luis Obispo/Morro Bay. We are visiting Hearst Caslte, and on the way home we will be stopping by Santa Barbara. I'm hoping to get a little time in some of the used/rare book stores while we're in these amazing cities, so hopefully I'll come home with a new treasure!

Happy reading! :)

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