Monday, June 28, 2010

Vintage Books: Captain Blood

This book, by early 1900's author Rafael Sabatini, was an amazing find for someone who had JUST started collecting... In fact, even after all the amazing copies I found two weeks ago while on vacation, I'd still call this an amazing find. It's a 1922 edition, which makes it 88 years old. That's old, yes, and it's in pristine condition (hardly any stains on the pages, the cover's clean and hard, and the spine is still holding the book together), PLUS I think it's pretty.

But that's not all. As far as the first few pages are concerned, this book is a first edition copy. And it was $7. And I'm proud of it. :)

When I bought this I was reading another of Sabatini's classic novels, Scaramouche, a story about the French Revolution. I will be posting about Scaramouche sometime in the future, because it's one of my favorite books...but let's just say this book was worth $7 and more to me. I'm hoping to find a vintage copy of Scaramouche someday. THAT would be the bomb.

Happy reading! :)

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  1. Hi!

    Can you please look if your version of this book has following epigraph:

    «Sensible people who lament the ills of the Revolution really ought to shed some tears on the ills which led up to that event.» -- Jules Michelet ?

    It is interesting that I couldn't find it in any modern issues of the book, but other translations contain it.